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Texan. Fan of anime, videogames, and music. Music can either be j-pop, k-pop, trance, punk, metal, grindcore, powerviolence, 80's, 90's, ska or anything that I can just chill to. For anything else, just ask.

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The time in 1995 when Chris Farley showed up in Congress as Newt Gingrich

On April 4, 1995, four days after Tommy Boy premiered, Chris Farley crashed a meeting of the House Republican Conference. The SNL star stormed into the meeting in full Gingrich get-up to address the crowd, the real Newt included.


this made my fucking day XD

Posted: Thu December 8th, 2011 at 10:07pm
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    HR 832 keep all reporters away from my mother
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    this made my fucking day XD
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